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Meet Ghazala



Ghazala has a passion for helping people with their real estate needs. Having moved over 10 times in her lifetime and lived in 3 different countries and 2 different states, she has the empathy and first-hand experience of relocation, buying, and selling homes. 

Ghazala has been an Illinois resident for almost 20 years. As a realtor, Ghazala loves helping homeowners sell their property with the best terms and future homeowners in securing their dream home. Trust, devotion, integrity and reliability, are a few of the innate qualities that make Ghazala stand out. Her clients consistently remark about. her professionalism, market knowledge, honesty, flexibility, patience and reliability.


Ghazala is confident that through her knowledge, determination and vast network of professionals required for any real estate transaction, she can provide a top-notch service and 100% satisfactory results for her clients. 

Ghazala lives in Naperville with her husband and 4 children. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family playing board games. 

She speaks 3 languages. Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati  

Contact Ghazala 


  • Ghazala Asari, Realtor on Instagram
  • Mia Dehnoo, Realtor on Facebook
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